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At our legal clinics, participants are given the chance to meet with volunteer attorneys who listen to their stories, pray with them, and provide them with some direction regarding their various legal needs.

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Compassionate Counsel teams up with the Nashville Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in the heart of downtown Nashville, to provide men and women looking to get their lives back in order a chance to speak with an attorney who can help with expungement of criminal records, reinstatement of driver's licenses, and many other issues which often block their road to recovery.


In addition to our legal clinics, we also conduct occasional classes designed for individuals to learn how to deal with common legal issues such as landlord-tenant disputes, drafting a will, divorce, and child custody.


You are not alone. You are cared for. You are loved.


Compassionate Counsel does occasionally connect individuals with attorneys who will represent them in their case at a reduced fee or even pro bono.

Representation is reserved for individuals who meet certain income criteria and who are not otherwise able to receive legal counsel. This means that Compassionate Counsel does not provide representation for criminal defendants or others who have access to appointed counsel. Neither does Compassionate Counsel provide representation in divorce cases except in certain extreme, Biblically-justified cases.

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